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Term Dates and Holidays

Our programmes are planned around the timetable below.   You can choice to work at your own pace and not stick rigidly to the dates in your programme of study.  The includes starting early if you enrol before your start date.  However there are three caveats.
  • You should work through the programme in the order laid out.
  • Live classes will be available at the time stated in your programme.
  • Tutor support will be limited during scheduled holidays.   (If you hand in work for marking during holidays it may not be marked until the school reopens)

Term dates

2021-2022 Start Finish
Autumn Term - 1st half 5th Sep 22 24th Oct 22
Half Term Holiday 24th Oct 22 31st Oct 22
Autumn Term - 2nd half 31st Oct 22 19th Dec 22
Winter Holiday 19th Dec 21 9th Jan 23
Spring Term - 1st half 9th Jan 23 13th Feb 23
Half Term Holiday 13th Feb 23 20th Feb 23
Spring Term - 2nd half 2oth Feb 23 3rd Apr 23
Spring Holiday 3rd Apr 23 24th Apr 23
Summer Term - 1st half 24th Apr 23 29th May 23
Half Term Holiday 29th May 23 5th Jun 23
Summer Term - 2nd half 5th Jun 23 17th Jul 23
Summer Holiday 17th Jul 23 4th Sep 23